Carl Iberger

Scholarship for Human Resources and Management

The Carl Iberger Scholarship for Human Resources and Business Management provides funding for students who plan to work in business in the areas of management or human resources.  Carl believes that a company’s human capital is its source of progress and innovation, and would like to give back to a deserving student with his $1,000 scholarship award that will be given to the winner of our essay contest.

Who is it for?

Any student who is studying business at a university is eligible to apply for the award. Also, high school students who plan to enroll in a university to learn business can enter. Mr. Iberger has spent many years in different roles across business in all areas including C-Level positions, and he believes that one of the biggest things lacking in companies is cohesion between all of the different departments and personalities in companies. Management and Human Resources are the biggest factor for this, and he would like to reward a deserving student who plans to take their company to the next level in the future.


Carl Iberger

carl iberger

Hingham, Massachusetts Businessman. Expert in Finance and Technology.

Mr. Iberger is current managing the consulting firm Wright Leeds.  He specializes in consulting healthcare startups and entrepreneurs to grow their companies.  Carl has over 30 years experience in business, many of those years at C-Level positions and he has a track record of building businesses from the ground up into multi-million dollar organizations.


Learn About The Scholarship

Carl understands first hand the issues that businesses normally face.  He has been involved with all aspects of the business environment, from founding companies, to VP and C-Level positions, and growing startups to go public.  He has seen the same issues time and time again that plague businesses, which stems from a lack of cohesion and mission among different groups in a company.  He believes that From talent acquisition to labor relations, HR teams are central to finding and retaining the talent a business needs to achieve its objectives.  He would like to use this opportunity to give back to a student who will be a future star in the business world.

Earn Money Towards Your Education

Education costs have been rising significantly in the past years.  Many students end up entering the workforce with a large student debt which can make things a struggle when starting out in a business career.  Mr. Iberger understands this, and would like to give back a little to a deserving student to help pay for part of tuition costs, along with generating awareness to the issues students are facing so that more opportunities arise.  Click on the apply link to see all the details about our essay contest.


Learn More About The Carl Iberger Scholarship

To learn more about the Carl Iberger Scholarship, you can reach out by using the form on the Contact Page.  Someone will get back to you shortly with your inquiry.  Universities are welcome to reach out to see how you can get involved with the scholarship.  We would like to wish all of the students good luck with the essay contests and in your successful careers in business.


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